New Year Inspiration

I spent the first two days of 2017 drinking tea on the couch trying to kick the end of a cold. I'm finally attempting life beyond that today.

Surrounded by used tissue and the remains of Christmas decorations I couldn't manage to carry down to the basement isn't the way I saw myself ushering in the new year, that's for sure. But I've been trying to change my perspective to enjoy a couple of days of much needed rest rather than feeling guilty that I didn't hit the ground running in 2017. Because, really, what's the rush?

Teresa sent me this, great perspective on NOT having resolutions.

It's pretty silly that somehow, between ads to join gyms, articles across the internet on all the things I SHOULD be doing and other people's resolutions on social media, I feel lazy for not jumping out of bed at 6am on the first, hitting three yoga classes and then madly cleaning my entire home. That's never been me, but somehow every January I feel like I should be. I think in part, that's why I like to have looser goals for the year- which I'll post later this week.

For now, her are a few things I've seen around the web that have intrigued me as little ways to make positive changes, regardless of your resolutions or lack there of :)

2017 Reading List, a creative checklist that ranges from "a book you read in school" to "a book with a character with your name"!

Apartment Therapy's "January Cure" gives you one thing to do each day for a cleaner more organized life. I like that they are very up front about saying sign up and give it a try (they email you a task a day) but feel free to quit at any time!

Instead of a juice cleanse, try soup! I'm actually in the process of making the carrot one as I type :)

I've been trying Wunderlist on my phone and computer to better keep things organized. Theres something about checking things off a list that makes me more likely to actually do them, sometimes the items on my to do list are as simple as "Take a shower".

Also, I just posted this book on my Instagram story...Teresa got it for me as a birthday present. I LOVE IT. Super inspirational to see other creative and entrepreneurial women doing their thing.

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