Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Hope you have fun plans for the weekend! We will be continuing to sift through out things and get the new house organized. Also, I'm excited to share with you all our Mother's Day initiative with the 30/30 Project on Monday! 

Here are some links to get the weekend started:

Happy Earth Day! Some fun eco-friendly products from Nordy's. 

Who knew all these quotes came from our favorite 90's family sitcom?

I hated this book even though everyone seems to have loved it. Maybe I'll like the movie better?

Didn't Kate Middleton look incredible on her recent trip to India and Bhutan?? All the outfits. 

20 uses for our new favorite essential oil

Have you seen this shirt yet? <3

Also, this baby shirt. 

This looks a little strange but also kind of delicious. 

What is it about train travel that is so fascinating to me?

Heartbreaking, incredible photography.

(Images from NASA for Earth Day- including one above in New Zealand)

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