#tbt: A Revamp of a Childhood Favorite!

Hands down, my favorite books for most of elementary school were The Baby Sitter's Club. Who else?

My sister just gifted me a revamped BSC (because that's what all the cool kids called it) graphic novel, by Raina Telgemeier. The graphic novels combine story lines from multiple books and reading one was a fun way to revisit my childhood. I also surprised myself with how much I remembered of the stories! Never mind that I seem to have forgotten half of the basic math I learned during 4th grade, it seems my brain decided to retain the names of all seven Pike children instead.

If you really want a throwback...

"What Your favorite Babysitters's Club Member Says About You"

Remember the TV show? How about the movie? 

Also, Kirsten Dunst was on a book cover! 

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