#NoMomLeftBehind This Mother's Day

I am SOOO excited, both personally and professionally, to share with you all first about our new Mother's Day campaign with the 30/30 Project, #NoMomLeftBehind. We are partnering with an incredible organization called Hope Through Health to build a new maternity ward in Togo, West Africa!

I'm particularly passionate about this campaign because I have so much to celebrate in my life this Mother's Day, as both a daughter and a mother, and am committed to giving back. 

As many of you know, my mom was given five years to live when she was diagnosed as HIV positive in 1990. In large part due to the incredible healthcare that she has received here in Washington State, she is still with us today. Not only do I get to celebrate still having my mom here, I am expecting our second little baby this May. My first labor and delivery was complicated, scary and unpredictable and I'm grateful that I had the incredible care at Swedish Hospital that kept Myles and I healthy. I look forward to an even better experience in just five short weeks (eek!).

Community Health Workers with Hope Through Health in Togo, West Africa 

Sadly, 1 in 46 women die in childbirth in Togo (compared to 1 in 1800 here in the US). I so strongly believe that these women deserve the same type of access that my mom and I have had. Will you join me in building this maternity ward? We are trying to raise $30,000 through this campaign and every dollar counts. Please check out our #NoMomLeftBehind website and share this campaign with your friends. Thank you so much for supporting the 30/30 Project! 

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