Hello Again

And we're back!

What do you think of the redesign?

I have to say, I've really missed blogging. While sometimes getting posts up seems like a chore, when I wasn't posting, I really missed it. This is so much of an outlet for me and I know Teresa agrees.

We started this in January of 2012! So much life has happened since then and as I've been working on the redesign, it's been so much fun to look back over the posts that we've written. I've been reminded that more than anything else, this blog is a little time capsule into the world of Jenny and Teresa.

This was Teresa's first post and this was mine.

This post has over 1.5 million hits! Crazy! (And some super opinionated commenters, jeez...)

Another continually popular post (thanks Pinterest!) is about quilting!  Maybe it's time to make another quilt Teresa.

How was Mylo once so teeny? And how amazing that you've been able to capture his growth on here T!

Then there are the posts I've completely forgotten about! Like that time I was obsessed with Angela Lansbury! (I still am a little...)

You'll never know what you'll find in our blog archives...we really do seem to have a little bit of everything.

Lastly, if you're curious about our new photos...
Teresa and I decided we needed to have the most creative photo in the photo guest book at Laura & Alex's reception this August. So we hijacked the Polaroid camera and had our own little photoshoot! Something about the 1920's theme made a bathtub seem appropriate (1920's > Prohibition > Bathtub Gin> Lets climb in the bathtub!) and that's how it happened!

Life updates and a barrage of new posts to come soon...

PS. Please let me know if anything is wonky on the site. I've been trying to iron out all of the kinks, but I'm sure I missed something. 


  1. Who did your redesign? I really like it, been looking for someone to help me spice up my blog design but everyone is so spendy!

    1. I found a super cheap option, that just reqired a bit of work on our end. I started with this template from Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/shop/BloggerTemplate?ref=l2-shopheader-name). It was cheap, but the hard part was that I went through buying and trying a few other templates that didn't work out. Then I customized it a bit with the header and photos.