Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! It's been a busy week and I'm looking forward to a few days of escape. Lots of fun things to talk about next week! I hope you have a relaxing weekend wherever you are.

Look for these when it's raining in Seattle.

Julia Child's trick for perfect poached eggs...which I'm going to have to try, I've never successfully poached an egg.

Inspiring stories of late bloomers

Wanderlust: places to stay awhile

Cats and Babies. Together. It's cute.

People, aged 1 to 100 share their dreams in this beautiful set of photos.

70's fashion is back in, yet again, and I love it.

I just started watching The Jinx, after seeing countless tweets about how filled the real life crime hole left when Serial ended. Here's a super interesting read about what the filming experience was like for the reenactors. 

The artists behind the beautiful music on Kendrick Lamar's new album

Wonderfully non-traditional ways to incorporate wallpaper...I'm inspired to do something creative in our new studio space!

Photo via my new favorite design site- even though it's not in English :)

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  1. Love these colorful pillows, Jenny, and the article about late bloomers. Sent to my friend who is between jobs and has super creative abilities. Maker of the pendant flag in the breakfast area...