Our New Studio!

So after YEARS of talking about it, and then not being in town enough the last two years to justify it, Jason and I have finally gotten a studio space for JKoe!

Here's one little corner, a "before" shot if you will...

At this point, it's a bit overwhelming as we're painting and doing a bit of work on the space AND in the process of remodeling part of our basement at home at the same time. So my life is a chaotic mess at this point, half of of gear is in our dining room, the rest is in boxes. I'm trying to focus on how EXCITED I am to have our work separate from our home, to have this new space to go to and I'm really looking forward how much more space for living this will open up in our home.

Shout out to my parents (below) who came to help clean! And also to Jason's parents who have gone above and beyond on our basement remodel AND we already have a list of things for Jason's dad, who is a contractor, to help us with in the new studio.

Also, I'm thrilled about the location. Our new spot is right on the edge of Pioneer Square and Sodo, there are tons of great restaurants, shops and food trucks within walking distance as well as Mariners, Seahawks and Sounders games :).

Get ready for lots of Seattle Spotlight posts recommending all of my favorite spots and of course the "after" photos of what things look like once we're all moved in, hopefully soon! 

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  1. Thanks for appreciating Dad and me, Jenny! We are so proud of you.