Life lately and my little toddler!

Hi everyone! I feel like I'm not keeping up on the blogging very well these days. I mentioned before that in January I transitioned from working four to five days a week and it's been a bit rough on my blogging routines (and all of our routines to be honest). Any advice out there from working moms about how to find time/energy for your favorite hobbies?

In other news, Myles is at the most fun age yet! Ever since he turned about 18 months he has been spouting out new words every day and is just incredibly excited about all the new things he can do. He loves going on walks, to the park, zoo, hanging out with his cousins, reading books, and playing with all kinds of sports balls, trains, and his plastic turtles and ducks. One of his favorite little games is just to point at me and say MA! and then to point at Patrick and say DA! It's pretty much the best.

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  1. Cutest little Milo ever! Glad you are enjoying him so much, Teresa. Now you know how much your parents loved and love you.