A Weekend In: Victoria, BC

Last weekend Patrick and I woke up at the break of dawn and boarded a boat to Victoria, BC for a little getaway weekend. Believe it or not it was the first time that we have gotten away together without Mylo! This was totally unintentional but to be honest I’m kicking myself for not making it happen sooner. We are both so independent that we have had lots of time away from Mylo individually but just haven’t made the effort to get away together. It was sooo fun!  It made us both look even more forward to our trip to Argentina in February. I love my child but it was very refreshing to just have Patrick and I together, like it was for the seven years before he was born.

We stayed at the historical Empress Hotel right on the waterfront in a very classy Victorian-style room. Most people hit the Butchart Gardens and have "high tea" but we really just wanted to relax and take it easy so we mostly wandered around the cute little streets, popped into shops, ate delicious food and took in the festive d├ęcor of the city. Our one planned activity was a trip to the Willow Stream Spa in our hotel—which both of us agreed were some of the best treatments we've ever had. 

One of the highlights in Victoria for us was the Victoria Public Market, which is a fabulous indoor open market with great little local restaurants, cheeses, wine, vegetables, olive oils, etc. We wandered around in there and Patrick had “the best grilled cheese of his life” at Salt Spring Island Cheese. We also had a great dinner at The Mint and divine brunch at Jam Cafe. We'll be back!

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  1. Did you take the Clipper? That was my college gig, so I have spent a lot of time in Victoria. I would really love to go back now as an adult -- check out all the places I couldn't and didn't want to go back then (gosh, I sound old!). :)