We are going to Argentina!! Need tips and recommendations!

Patrick and I bought our tickets and are officially heading to Argentina in February! I am SO excited for our first trip to Latin America. I am going back to work full time starting in January (waaah waaah) and I wanted a little something to get us through the long, rainy winter. We had thought about going to Hawaii (Patrick has never been) or Mexico but in the end we decided to take advantage of Mylo being able to stay with family and go on a big trip that we have been dreaming about for a while--- Buenos Aires here we come!

I haven't even started to plan anything yet, all we have done is purchase our plane tickets in and out of Buenos Aires for a 10 day trip. The big draw for us is the city itself but we also want to do one or two trips to a couple of the MANY destinations in Argentina. It’s such a huge and beautiful country I feel like we will barely be able to scratch the surface, I guess we will just have to go back. We are leaning toward a side trip to the stunning Iguazu Falls or possibly Mendoza wine country but we are looking for recommendations and tips for travel!!

PS. We are also thinking of taking Tango lessons. Yes, we are that couple. :)

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  1. Wow, how exciting! Wish I had some tips for you but curious to hear about your adventures, I've always wanted to go there too. :)