Friday Roundup

It's been a busy week- I finally got the (mini) tree up and made 100 chocolate covered cherries, on top of the normal hustle and bustle of work and Christmas. Wednesday we hopped on a plane to New Orleans. Thursday was spent driving from New Orleans to Jackson, Mississippi- with a slight unexpected detour through Kentwood, Louisiana, hometown of Britney Spears, a fact drilled into my mind from watching endless hours of Pop Up Video in 1999. But random stops in places like this make road trips the best.

I'm currently in Mississippi and avoiding Twitter because I haven't had a chance to listen to the final Serial podcast yet.

We're shooting a good friend's wedding this weekend, I'm excited to get to explore a little bit around a town I've never visited before and catch up with friends.

Here's some fun things for y'all (yes, I just typed y'all, for probably the first time ever.)

Other podcasts, for all of you looking to fill the Serial sized void in your life.

Christmas decor ideas

Work Productivity Tips...Yes, I realize it sounds really boring, but this list is full of good stuff! Mainly, it makes me feel better about some of my, seemingly odd, ways of getting work done.

RIP Mufasa- death in children's movies

The 19th century's equivalent to online dating...

"How Real is 'Homeland'?" (Teresa! Read this!)

FAIR TRADE bedding that is ORGANIC and simplistically beautiful. Someone tell Jason this is what I want for my birthday and Christmas.

Pretend snow...I know a few little ones who would like this!

Easy & useful Mason Jar DIY

and kittens. The End.

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