Pinterest: Help or Hindrance?

I saw this article on "Pinterest Stress," and I almost said out loud, "I'm not the only one!" When the website was first launched I hopped right on and was enamored with pinning clothes, recipes, quotes, etc but over the past year I've stopped pinning altogether. There is something about it that totally overwhelms me. It could be that I have no energy for cooking/baking/crafting right now or that my house is never going to look like a magazine or that I'm sad that I'm not going to get around to sewing that quilt for the nursery. I know other people that still love the site, saying they draw inspiration from it for projects they are working on or new types of food to cook. 

What do you think? Love it or leave it? 

PS. Have you seen this hilarious website, Pinterest Fail? Now that's the type of site I could waste hours perusing. ;)

(The images are two of my favorites from Pinterest Fail: stuffed owl and cake pops)


  1. I agree! My main issue with pinterest is that if it's on there, chances are, everyone I know has seen and is doing it too. When pinterest themed weddings became a thing, I realized it had become so much more about copying, not inspiring creativity.

  2. I never go there anymore either. I don't really like their new format. The recipes never turn out like the photos.

  3. As a teacher, well retiring teacher(love saying that!), I go on only to get ideas to use in my classroom. My sub last week found a great idea on Pinterest for a Mother's Day card using Mom-libs. I was never able to continue pinning because Facebook takes up too much of my time! By the way, I've seen cuter owls than that one, Teresa, don't bother thinking about it! Would love for you to respond to my comment. Yes, I am teaching while I write this!!!!