Friday Roundup

Happy three day weekend! Jason and I are at the Gorge today watching our friends at Sasquatch! We're headed to Ft. Worth tomorrow for a wedding. It's gonna be a busy weekend, but a great way to kick off the unofficial start to summer. And on that note, there's a bit of a summery vibe to this roundup. I can't help it, that's what I've been drawn to this week and thankfully, it seems like everyone else is interested in reliving childhood summers and preparing for this one too!

Camp movie nostalgia from Hello Giggles and wisdom from summer camps from Salon

Best graduation party ever (in my opinion!) incase you missed my post last year.

A visual representation of the most popular baby names by state.

This makes me want to watch Now and Then while drinking coke out of a bottle.

Crochet plant holder DIY

What if Barack Obama was your prom date? 

Incase you missed World Turtle Day yesterday...

Love this bag by Uxibal. Love it even more since it's made by Mayan women in Guatemala.

S'more cookies, perfect until it stops raining in Seattle and we can enjoy the real thing outside.

PS. Arrested Development!

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