Summer Reading

One of my favorite sumer pastimes is reading. Whether I'm floating on a river, laying in my backyard or lounging on the chairs above, if I have a book, I'm happy. Here is the beginnings of my list of books for this summer: 

What do you think? Any recommendations? Must reads I should add to the list?

And, because I love making lists about as much as I love reading in the sunshine, here's a variety of other books I'd recommend for your summer reading: 


  1. You'll love Where'd You Go Bernadette! It's hilarious. I totally thought of you Jenny when I was reading it - it makes fun of so many Seattle-based things. It's a fun one.

    1. You're totally right. I finished it in a day and a half and LOVED it. Definitely recommending it to everyone I know. Especially people from Seattle.

  2. Consider reading a debut novel by Marjan Kamali -- Together Tea -- that just came out to rave reviews. A warm and wonderful Mother-daughter story that speaks across all cultures. I love it.