A Graduation Party

You're Invited... to check out the amazing graduation party we threw last spring! Do you have a grad? Here are some fun ideas.

Who: Last year, our wonderfully awesome JKoe Photography intern, Zoe, graduated from high school. Because Zoe is so amazing, she needed an equally amazing party.  We called it The Zoe Extravaganza. 

What: My inspiration was a little kid's backyard birthday! It's a PERFECT theme for someone graduating high school and entering the real world. A celebration of youth if you will. 

Food: What do kids like to eat? We served pizza, kettle corn, Mexican coke in the bottle with fun straws and had a gourmet s'more bar later in the evening. For the s'more bar, on top of the regular supplies, I added, banana, nutella, white chocolate, strawberries, pineapple, Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kat bars, Andie's Mints, peanut butter and apples and let people go to town making all sorts of yummy combinations. 

Games: We had a rousing round of "Zoe Trivia" and then, what little kid party is complete without a piñata? We also had corn hole and ping pong. Guests were given bubbles, pinwheels and other little toys to enjoy too. We set out Jenga for people to play throughout the evening and then sign blocks as sort of a guest book for Zoe. 

Photo Booth: We are photographers, she is a photographer, so naturally, there was a photo booth. We set it up in the side yard with our chaise lounge and fun props keeping with the kid-party theme. There was even a teddy bear. 

The End: We concluded the night's festivities with our gourmet s'mores, glow sticks and sparklers. 


  1. Beautiful party for a beautiful girl! What great, fun and creative ideas, J-squared!

  2. this really does look like such a cute idea!

    life spelled jen

  3. what a cute little party I love it !!