Jenny's Top 8(ish) Posts from the Year

I'm so glad Teresa had this idea to pick our favorite posts for the past year.  (Did you see her list?) I've really enjoyed going back through the months and coming across posts I'd completely forgotten about, I can't believe there have been so many! This is post #455.

It's been a whirlwind year for me, lots of work and travel, both fun and mundane. I've so enjoyed the blog throughout it all, to keep track of my journeys and keep me connected, whether I was in the middle of nowhere Kenya or the middle of nowhere West Virginia. And then at home in the dark days of winter, it was my little ray of sunshine and happiness.  Thanks so much to all of you out there for stopping by to check out all of the things we blog.

Without further adieu, my favorite posts of 2012:

Thinking about Childhood: 90's Fictional Characters Who Shaped Me

Do not try this at home: Cat Bath

My favorite Monday Motivation posts with inspiration from Tupac & Tolstoy

Documenting wanderlusty visitors: Teresa's Photo Booth Guestbook

A different kind of wanderlust: The time I kissed a giraffe

For all the aspiring iPhone photographers: A Photo Lesson

First ever Wedding Wednesday post: Three Tips for the Big Day

This is the type of thing I think about when my mind is left to wander: Becoming Angela Lansbury...

PS. I encourage you to go back through the archives, they are all good, really, I promise. OK, just one favorite movie.

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