Wanderlust: Giraffe Centre Nairobi

If you ever find yourself in Nairobi, you simply must visit the Giraffe Centre in Karen.

Jason and I spent our last few hours here before heading to the airport at the end of our trip in February. After being on safari and spending days looking at animals that you can't touch, getting to pet and feed giraffes was heaven for me. Jason, of course, loved getting super close for photos.

The Giraffe Centre is all about conservation, taking in injured giraffes who can no longer survive in the wild and educating the public about these beautiful creatures.

An added bonus, if you go there at the end of the trip like we did, they have an awesome gift shop for any last minute gift needs. A little higher priced than what you find in markets, but a beautiful selection to be sure and all made by local women (who are paid fair prices for their goods). The proceeds go to helping the giraffes.

Just to show you how awesome it is, here's a very short clip for you today of me and my friend Laura the Giraffe.

Photo JKoe Photography

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