Travelogue: Photobooth Guestbook

Patrick and I had the opportunity to spend the 2010/2011 school year in Dublin, Ireland while he studied for his master's degree. While we were there, we welcomed so many guests from the States that I took to calling our two bedroom flat The Hillis B&B! When my friend Stephanie was visiting we discovered this eclectic little bar called Shebeen Chic that has an old school photobooth in the back. We ended up taking all our guests there for an authentic photobooth quad-shot to commemorate their visit. Instead of having a regular guestbook, we had everyone put their photo in a little notebook and then write a memory of their time in Ireland.

One day I’ll find a cute way to display these in my house, any ideas from you creative types out there?

I love how the photos trace the seasons, some with winter hats and coats, others in t-shirts. Each photo brings back a memory of a fun night drinking pints in a great city with treasured friends and family.

Also, please note that in the last strip Patrick and I are competing for best Jason Bourne hardcore face… I obviously take the cake.


PS. Special shout out to our very first visitor, my lovely mom, who came before we started this little project!


  1. I love this idea!!! It was really fun taking the pictures when we were there too. I also thought that if there isn't a photobooth available (like if the guestbook is at a cabin or something), doing polaroid pictures could be a fun alternative.

  2. Yes! This brings back so many memories. I love you kept all of these! Your "Borne" picture reminds me of when I arrived in Dublin. They interrogated me as to who I was staying with, why, how long, where and then turned the computer around to show me your similar passport photo. All I could say was, "Yes, that's her, but I don't think that's her best shot"- you're so much friendlier in real life! Haha, anyway, I'm glad you kept all these and keep up the good work- loving the blog