Friday Roundup

Happy FRIDAY!! Do these weeks before Christmas seem long at work or what?! I'm so excited to spend some time with my Christmas tree this weekend relaxing (and doing some holiday shopping online). It's also Patrick's birthday so we're heading to Tacoma for his birthday dinner, I'm bringing this appetizer. Hope the weekend's a great one for you!

Best Christmas video of the year so far!

An inspiring comic on challenging yourself when school is in the rear-view.

Awesome DIY alternative Christmas tree idea (great for small spaces!) and a cute one from Etsy.

Is the dinner party dead?

Free new holiday music downloads.

The color for 2013 was announced! What do you think?

An interview with one of my favorite Seattle musicians who is playing at the Paramount tonight, wish I was going!

These look so tasty (and healthy?) to me.

These pet confessions on Etsy are hilarious.

And of course, two cat videos: one to inspire you to work out, and the other to make you smile.

If you don't have plans in Seattle yet this weekend, this would be fun!


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