Quick Hostess Gifts

I've been seeing a lot of hostess gift guides in the world of blogs these last few weeks and while there are some awesome ideas out there, I am not one to a) spend 5.5 months knitting my neighbor an afghan or b) spend $250 on dirt. When I'm looking for a hostess gift to bring to a party, I want something fairly quick, but something that looks like I've put at least a little though into it. Here are three options my friend Danielle, an amazing party planner and gift giver, suggested:

Rosemary Tree
I picked this guy up for under $20 at Whole Foods and added a twine bow. These smell amazing, are wonderful to cook with and will last long enough to add a bit of greenery and cheer to your house into the bleak months of winter once your Christmas tree and decorations are gone.

Microplane & Nice Cheese
Have you ever used a Microplane? It's he best grater ever and the type of kitchen gadget that anyone can use, not just a serious chef. This guy was $18 at Whole Foods, super easy to pick one up along with a nice cheese on the way to the party.

Tea Towel Wrapped Wine
This is a quick and easy way to make it look like you put in a little more thought than just showing up with a bottle of wine. Anthropologie has some super cute towel options and Noonday Collection has some great fair trade choices too. You could just keep a couple on hand and to whip out when you need a quick gift.

Also, if your friends aren't drinkers, put a bottle of something else fun in there!

Happy holiday party hopping!


  1. I LOVE my microplane! I won it at Patrick's family gift exchange last year and it's my favorite thing. We are big cheese people. ha

  2. I love rosemary, I literally put it on everything. I have to get that lil tree. It must smell so yummy & good! Luckily I have a huge Whole Foods on my way home from work! Thanks for the great idea!!

    Ergo - Blog

  3. The rosemary tree is a great idea, thanks for the suggestion!