Friday Roundup

Happy Fall Weekend! I'm excited to finally have a Saturday off from shooting a wedding. I love my job, but the one down side is missing out on doing things with friends on the weekends when everyone else has time off.  I'll definitely be taking the time to fill out my ballot this weekend too. Have you voted yet? Don't forget!

The one good thing about disasters, the ordinary people who become heroes like these nurses in New York.

Also, the best hurricane related tweet. 

Get a pair of awesome boots and support Mayan artisans, I can't wait for mine to arrive!

Yoga poses for people who sit at desks all day.

Style evolution of Angela Lansbury because I'm obsessed with her.

Graphic Pullovers, what do you think? I LOVE this one.


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in Perez Hilton and Rolling Stone with a photo by Jason!

Terrarium necklaces! GREAT gift idea because I'm pretty sure no one I know has one.

DIY metallic dipped leaves to spice up your fall decor.

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PS. I discovered there is one clip from Ellen where you can see me in the audience! I'm the one who looks like Daria. I should have been her for Halloween...

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