Project Pinterest: DIY Workout T-Shirt

This DIY Workout t-shirt falls into my favorite category of DIY, it involves something that you already own and scissors.  No complicated trips to seven different craft stores in search for a specialty product, no trying to figure out how to use a sewing machine and hardly any cleanup!

First, I set up a little crafting area. It was such a nice afternoon I chose to enjoy a ginger beer and some nice music from Of Monsters and Men whilst cutting up my t-shirt on the porch. I chose a t shirt we had bought for Jason in Cambodia, only to realize that a Cambodian size large and American size large are two very different things.

Next, lots of cutting. Check out the tutorial for the specifics...I'm not a super even cutter, so there was a lot of recutting and fixing to make everything even. 

Ta-Da! Here's the finished product. I really like how it turned out, although I feel like there might be some additional cutting done in the future to fully even it all out. 

Words of Wisdom:
-I might recommend starting off with a shirt you don't like as much, a practice shirt if you will, incase you mess up the first time around. 
-Cut small and then keep cutting if you need to.
-Use a 100% cotton shirt. The raw edges will roll up when you stretch it out which does wonders in hiding uneven cutting.

Have a lot of old t-shirts? Check out the t-shirt scarf DIY too!

Project Pinterest is going on all summer, each week I'm doing another project that I find there. Check out what I've done so far.


  1. I love it! Now for some sunshine.

  2. Super cute! I might have to try this one day!

  3. I really like how it was, although I experience like there might be some extra reducing done later on to completely even it all out.
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