T-Shirt Scarf

We are on Mr. Kate! And here's the story of how it happened. Way back at Thanksgiving, my sister and I wanted to do a craft project together. We thought it would be nice to do something creative while we are all sitting around and staring at each other in a trypotpaen induced haze. We decided to try the t-shirt scarf tutorial from Mr. Kate. It was super fun and easy.

The finished product definitely wins the prize for oddest variety of people complimenting it. The first day I wore it a woman who appeared drunk on the street stopped me to tell me how much she liked it. It was also approved of by a very stylish friend and the guy bagging my kombucha at Whole Foods gave me a , "Whoa, cool scarf!"

I typically stick to crafting projects that don't involving sewing or anything too complicated and this is one of those: an old t-shirt, some broken jewelry, scissors and and a glue gun is all you need. It's a great option for a present too!
We ended up sending a few pictures in to Mr. Kate and she just featured us on her blog! Check out the tutorial and pictures here.


  1. Wow, we were featured on Mr. Kate's blog, even Bethy, me and the kitty!

  2. I love the one I made. I wear it all the time, even to work!