Mindy Kaling and Diablo Cody

Have you read Mindy Kaling's book yet? Jenny gave it to me a while back and I'm laughing my way through it, definitely a good read if you need a smile. Check out the below interview of Mindy by the hilarious Diablo Cody (of "Juno" fame). Also, if you haven't seen "Young Adult" yet (Cody's latest) check it out on DVD, a great dark comedy and excellent acting from Charlize Theron.

PS. An excerpt from Mindy's book if you're interested. 


  1. i was almost late to school because i had to watch this whole 14 min interview this morning. thank you very much. haha.

  2. ps. i have read the book (in like 3 days). liked it. laughed. i just remember some part where she wrote about not wanting to date a "boy" but a "man" and it makes me think of this from 30 Rock..


    also, i liked Young Adult (i watched it after my friend suggested it and informed me that it is not total comedy-but kinda sad too....and that it is at redbox...)

  3. Read the book and loved it too. I'm pretty sure I got weird looks while on the bike at the gym laughing my ass off. haha