Friday Roundup

Happy Friday!

I'm looking forward to getting dressed up and seeing friends and supporting the 30/30 Project tomorrow night! Other than that, I'll be laying low this weekend, catching up on sleep and staying cozy. As for the roundup, originally, I didn't intend for it to have a theme, but as I started putting it together, I realized most of the links I had were about amazing women, so I went with it!

Along those lines, the photo above is one Jason shot in Malawi a few years back. As I've traveled a variety of places, the one thing that seems to be consistent of women in small villages, whether it's in Malawi, India, Kenya, Cambodia, etc. you see them doing things in groups. I love to see how they support each other! I know have friends who have my back and I'm so thankful for them! But sometimes I wish my life was a bit more communal. I'd so much rather walk to work with all of my friends than sit in traffic by myself.  It's so easy to see women who have less than I have and feel sorry for them, but really, I think there are a lot of things we could learn from these amazing strong women.

And here are some more amazing women for you...

I wish I could be Zelda sometimes.

The Pro Hijab is awesome and a great way to better include all women in sports.

Lego's women of NASA, so cool.

"We Asked Our Grandmothers How Being a Woman Has Changed in Their Lifetimes"

Harriet Tubman = badass superhero

You're never too old to learn and these ladies are super inspiring.

Emma Watson hides books, I want to find one!

Meghan Markle wrote a great piece for International Women's Day...

"I Grew Up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here's Why I Left"

Fearless girl vs. the bull

You can now find my favorite Uxibal boots at Anthropologie! Feel good about buying these quality boots as you're supporting the Guatemalan women who made them! And they hold up so well, I've worn mine in all sorts of conditions around the world for 3 years now.

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