The Things That Calm Me: #1

Lately, I've made myself a list of things that de-stress me. I keep adding to it as I remember things, or finding new things so I thought I'd do a series and share some of them with you. Especially as we're all desperately ready for this winter to be done, it's been really important for me to keep finding happiness and calm in little moments otherwise this time of year I find myself bouncing between winter blues and never wanting to get out of bed and the exact opposite- stress and anxiety over work projects and life.

The first thing I'm starting off with is super, super, silly. My favorite cat account on Instagram! You MUST follow @foster_kittens! It's a family in Seattle who foster kittens and is so much fun to watch as they get new kittens every so often. I love that they often post videos full of purring. Especially when I'm away from my own kitties.

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  1. You should check out an icelandic reality show about 5 kittens :)