Friday Roundup

Olá de Lisboa! Jason and I are in Lisbon, Portugal for a few days for a shoot. This is a beautiful city. I'm loving all of the color and painted tiles, but I think my favorite thing about Lisbon is the amazing seafood. And after the snow in Amsterdam last week, it's been lovely to be somewhere a bit warmer, sunnier and filled with sidewalk cafes.  

I want to make this, it looks healthy and amazing. 

Cheap travel destinations...well, let's call these relatively cheap.

A friend of mine started a food truck! If you're north of Seattle, check it out!

I want to try these jeans. 

"Husbands are deadlier than terrorists" always Nick Kristof makes a great point and this is one of the best articles I've read all week. 

Today is #randomactsofkindnessday so show someone some love. 

Photo of Lisbon via @jkoephoto 

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