Have you heard of Tile? It's one of those things that I thought everyone knew about, but I keep finding myself telling friends how amazing these are so I thought I should blog about it. Basically, it's just a little bluetooth chip thing that goes on you keys or in your wallet or on other things you might lose often, and when you can't find it, you just pull up the app on your phone and you can make the Tile beep so you can find it. Jason is constantly putting the car keys in weird places, in our bed, in the bathroom, etc. I'm more likely to just forget which purse I had the keys in last. Either way, problem solved.

Added bonus, say you have your keys, but you can't find your phone, just push on the Tile and it works in reverse and makes your phone beep. I can't tell you how much time these have saved me!

This isn't a paid advertisement, Tile didn't give me anything to do this post, but rather, I see it as a public service announcement :) save time and avoid having silly fights with your S.O. about who lost the keys and put a Tile on it. 

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