Thanksgiving Roundup!

I have a love/hate relationship with the week of Thanksgiving, I mean, who doesn't love a shortened week? But then, suddenly it's Wednesday, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, the week feels over and I feel like a slacker. I didn't even get a blog post up! So you get this. A roundup of things I'm thankful for. And yes, I'm thankful for my home, family, etc. this list includes a bit more out of the ordinary choices of the things I'm feeling thankful for in this moment in time...

I'm thankful for:

Christmas music starting early this year. I've found it to be the most uplifting thing since the election.

My two black cats. (If you want one, the Seattle Humane Society is adopting black cats for FREE on Black Friday, I promise your life will be better with a snuggly black kitty in it.)

GILMORE GIRLS! Excited to watch it with friends this weekend :)

Heather Christo's amazing recipes! I was sad and overwhelmed when I found about about my food allergies, but I'm feeling so thankful to have amazing resources that have actually inspired me to be cooking more. I'm planning a post for next week with specific recipes and foods that I've been loving lately.

The good I see in the world like these 21 Medal of Freedom recipients.

The sense of smell. I've been VERY into candles and essential oils lately and appreciate how they comfort, calm and help me to sleep and now I'm beginning to be hit with those wonderful holiday scents full of nostalgia, cinnamon, clove, evergreen...I love it all.

Rest and recharging. Sometimes my life is crazy, and sometimes it's calm. I'm loving that we're in a period of wrapping up projects and have a bit of a lull before we're gearing up for the next things. I've been going to yoga, catching up on things around the house, spending time with friends, and catching up on sleep. It's been wonderful and I'm trying to fully appreciate it now before life is chaotic again.

Really, there's so many things that I'm thankful for, and also, a lot of things that really suck, but sometimes, it's nice to take a break from thinking about those negative things and focus on what is good.

Wherever you are, have a wonderful Thanksgiving... or just a wonderful normal Thursday if you live pretty much anywhere outside of the U.S. :)


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