Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? We are going to enjoy our last bit of Patrick's paternity leave and attend Mylo's new preschool's summer picnic. Should be fun!

Made me laugh.

Oh, and this too. "My doula is a three month old baby."

These are possibly the cutest jello shots of all time.

LOVE this interview of the real life Winnie Cooper. Can we please be friends???

I'm still dying to travel here. Maybe next year?

Yummy summer recipes.

Dressing for the 4th trimester.  

Awesome dolls inspired by boys. My sister got the super hero one for Rory and he loves it.

Gorgeous maximalist homes.

24 things women over the age of 30 SHOULD wear.

And on a more serious note:

This letter from Joe Biden to the Stanford rape victim really touched me, she is a hero.

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