Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! I'm looking forward to a fun fête this weekend in celebration of Teresa that little bundle who will be here fairly soon!

Other than that, I'm working on clearing my mind and trying to find inspection for a new project. I've spent the afternoon meandering through beautiful photos online while defusing lavender and bergamot...if anyone else has suggestions, let me know. Why is it that when I need to sit and think, suddenly I want to do all of the things I've been putting off forever? Anyhow, here's a wonderfully scattered roundup of things I've been looking at that probably aren't super helpful for my creative process.

Get ready, it's gonna be May. 

One of my favorite insta's to follow if you like cute pandas, that is.

A book that I love + an actress that I love= I'm excited for this show

Perspective is everything

I love this non-Beyoncé related story about lemonade.

Adventure cats!

Hermione Danger and other amazing roller derby names. 

Easy summer hair inspiration.

#nomomleftbehind was on TV in Seattle this week! (ICYMI, check out Teresa's post on 30/30's new campaign.)

Lastly, who else HATES putting on duvet covers? I'm tempted to wash my sheets today just to try this...

Photo @zoerainphoto 

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