Spring Trend: Overalls

Did you wear overalls in the 90's? With one strap over your shoulder? I did and and I miss them.

So exited to see them popping up all over the place for spring. I'm obviously going to be huge this spring (and let's be serious, this summer too) and I've seen some cute maternity ones that would flow well from pregnancy to post-pregnancy/breastfeeding. Would you wear them again? Maybe with a scrunchie and some Birks just to throw it way back?

Here are some cute ones for preggo me:

Hatch Pollack Overalls

ASOS Denim Overall

And for Jenny:

Madewell Bayfront Crop Overalls

Lee Cooper Denim Overalls

PS/UPDATE: Looks like I'm way behind the times, Jenny posted this in 2012.

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