Friday Roundup

Hello from Atlanta! I was happy to finally make it out of the snow. Yesterday I got a manicure and ate some amazing food, it was nice. I've been missing Seattle, and mainly my cats! But we're about a week out from being home.

Parisian winter style tips

Britain from Uxibal tells the Huffington Post about starting a shoe company in Guatemala. 

Click here if you remember that refrigerator episode of Punky Brewster.

Teresa, make an Egg McMuffin at home! 

Free art!

Great article on living in Togo written by a friend of the 30/30 Project.

They've broken the Barbie mold. What do you think of the new shapes and sizes?

Have you seen Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard's version of "Africa"? I hate that I didn't think to do it first!

Photo of Atlanta's amazing sunset last night by @mitchelloverton

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