Friday Roundup

Hello from Oklahoma where I'll be spending the day trying get the title song from the musical out of my head. We're a week into tour and getting into the swing of things.

I hope you have a great weekend wherever you are...I'm hoping Teresa feels better too! It's hard to be on the road when you wish you could be there for your friends...T, if I was in town I'd bring you some soup or and watch Mylo so you could sleep. Sending love from afar!

Check out this beautiful music video of my friend Mary Lambert shot by my friend Zoe Rain.

David Bowie's 100 Favorite Books...his 100 definitely overlap with some of my favorites too! Enough that I'm inspired to read some more of his choices.

Crazy creative bookcases for you to put all of those David Bowie recommendations on.

Cuddle baby goats! 

Love this house flipped by Diane Keaton

Netflix recommendations...what's good right now. Jason and I have been on a Dexter kick, but after binging 8 seasons I'm ready for something new.

Wedding photo oops! 

ICYMI, another reason why Adele is awesome. (Spice Girls!)

Photo by @zoerainphoto

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