Pity Party

Today I am indulging in a pity party for myself. I am sick with yet another sinus infection/cold in what has seemed like a never ending cycle of feeling like crap. We created the perfect storm by sending Mylo to daycare about the same moment that I got pregnant. Our pediatrician let us know that kids get an average of 9-10 colds that last 2-3 weeks their first year of daycare. And I basically have no immune system. I swear I've been sick twice as many days since September than I've been healthy. BOO HOO.

Anybody have magical remedies for sinus/cough issues? I've been using the neti pot, essential oils, Emergen-C, saline spray, etc. Trying to avoid meds if I can what with the baby and all.

Thanks for indulging me! Hoping for a healthier 2016!


  1. I feel your pain! I've had weird allergies/sinus stuff off and on since my first trimester. I'm hoping it was one of those weird pregnancy symptoms that will go away when she's born. I've used all the same stuff you are with only temporary success. Every now and then I will take benadryl if it's particularly bad. I've also started drinking some orange tea with honey, which helps a little with sore throat.

  2. Oh no! Essential oils helped me a lot when I was sick in December. Feel better!

  3. Our first year of day care was rough too, but her second her immune system was much stronger, runny noses ended at that (usually). I always gargle with salt water anytime I get a tickle in my throat and go to sleep sucking on a cough drop. Probably not good for your teeth but it helps me keep any sore throats at bay.