Friday Roundup

Happy Friday. I'm readjusting to begin back in Seattle after a bit of time in LA. It was wonderful to have a bit of sunshine, but I have to say, it does make it feel more Christmasy to me when it's cold. I'm spending the afternoon trying to keep a fire going in my fireplace (I'm terrible at it when it doesn't involve a duraflame log) catching up on work and doing some decorating. I've just broken out my favorite Christmas album.  It's a good day and I hope it is for you too. Here are some fun and informative things to take you into the weekend...

Downton Abbey with American accents is pretty hilarious.

To get in the Christmas spirit, I've been looking at Christmas-posts from the past, like that time I analyzed a childhood letter I wrote to Santa.

This really made me laugh, if you're Christmas shopping for kids, this is for you. Even if your not, it's still great. Really.

Santa variations around the world

"We can end gun violence" 

I really want to learn embroidery...It seems like a good way to relax, so I'm just gonna put this cool project here as a motivation for me to get around to it.

Cozy spaces

Following "Fargo" show runner for 2 days...super interesting.

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