Christmases Past

I just came across this! Our Christmas card photo from 2008- one of the two years in which we actually sent out Christmas cards. So very long ago. I remember wanting to be one of those people who sent out Christmas cards every year, and had holiday traditions, so someday I could say "I've made this fudge every Christmas for the last 50 years!. Well, that hasn't really happened. Since we've been married, we've spent Christmas at our house, Jason's parents and my parents. We spent one Christmas in a Mexican airport. For our first Christmas, we went out to a snow covered Christmas tree farm and chopped down our own tree! This was last year's version of that Instead of being the little old lady deep rooted traditions of fudge or cookies, I'll be the little old lady saying, "Remember that Christmas we spent eating Cinnabon at the airport?" And I think I like that. 

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