Gift Ideas- Gifts With Stories That Matter

 It's so much fun to give a gift with a story! "The pjs I got you were made by women in India" is way more fun and meaningful than "It took forever for the lady at the mall to find the price on those".

I've highlighted a few of my favorite brands that are empowering women and men all over the world by giving them opportunities and skills to help themselves and their families out of poverty. They all have GREAT stories and and are doing wonderful things. You can read about each brand on their websites to learn more.

Above, are the Julia Flats. and clutch from Uxibal. All of their products are handmade in Guatemala, combining traditional Guatemalan textile and leather with modern styles.  I have the clutch! And a few pairs of Uxibal booties which I wear constantly.  The extra great thing about the Julia collection is that 30% of the proceeds go directly to the 30/30 Project!

UPDATE: Uxibal is having a Cyber Monday sale, up to 40% off! Get over there! 

I know so many families who have varying traditions of getting new PJ's for Christmas morning, Punjammies would be perfect for that! They offer great options for men, women and kids. On top of providing us with cozy lounge wear, Punjammies goal is to provide sustainable jobs for women in India who's alternative options often lead to their being trafficked.

Krochet Kids are made by women in Uganda and Peru. My favorite thing about all Krochet Kids products is that the woman who made it has signed her name on the tag. You can find them on the website, read a bit of their story and you can even write them a note telling them how much you like what they made!

I love the firngerless gloves, as would anyone who, like me,  is perpetually cold and perpetually on her iPhone.

What baby in your life doesn't need an adorable hat with ears?!? There's also a bear one!And an owl!

Every guy can use a good stylish beanie. Thankfully, there are a lot to choose from :)

Also, you can pick up Krochet Kids goods at Whole Foods, which means it makes a great last minute present when you're quickly running in for a bottle of wine on the way to a party.

PS. Krochet Kids entire website is 40% OFF for Cyber Monday! 

Check out Karama Collection for beautiful fair trade goods that have been handpicked for their quality, beauty and ethical practices from artisan collectives all over Africa. 

This beautiful circle bracelet is made of brass in by a group of jewelry makers in a Kibera, the largest urban slum in Africa.

The bath towels are a favorite of mine. Made in Ethiopia, out of cotton, but not the traditional terrycloth material we're used to- this means they are super absorbent but won't cause your hair to frizz. They are the PERFECT gift for someone with curly hair! And also beautiful to have hanging in your bathroom. And perfect to pack for the beach-they take up way less room than a regular towel and dry super quickly. I've also been known to wear the ones I have as scarves...can you tell, I really like these towels. I also got to see where they are made while in Addis Ababa a few years back so I can tell you first hand, they are all entirely handmade from dying the yarn to weaving on a giant loom, it's a crazy process to watch! But I can promise you, these are quality towels. 

Most every lady could use a chic backpack.  

The woven serving tray would be a perfect for anyone who loves to host or bake. 

Just a note, NONE of these wonderful brands listed above have compensated me for this post. These are all companies who's missions and products I love and will be buying from this holiday season. 

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