World AIDS Day 2015

This year is a very special World AIDS Day for my family and me. My mom, Julie, is the honored recipient of the Nelson Mandela Changemakers Award for her work with the 30/30 Project. I get to travel with her to LA today where she will accept the award from Kweku Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela. Pretty exciting, right??

She also wrote a thoughtful blog post with some of her reflections on World AIDS Day's past and present. It's well worth a read for those interested, and includes a throwback photo of us with Magic Johnson!

If you are interested in supporting 30/30 Project this World AIDS Day, check out this link to learn more about an amazing clinic in Kenya that we are raising funds for now.

PS. Here is where I wrote about the beginning of the 30/30 Project and what it means to my family.

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