Catching Up


It's been a while. Like Jenny said in her update, it's great to be blogging again! For me, blogging is about keeping a record of our lives, sharing the fun things we discover, and staying connected with Jenny. It's so great to be back!

These past few months have been a whirlwind for our family. The biggest change being that I started a new job at the end of August! Although I've been involved since the beginning, I am so thrilled to be spending my working hours dedicated to the 30/30 Project! Here is an announcement of my new role if you are interested in reading about it. Not only am I excited to be back in my field (international development) but it is such an honor to be working with my family on something that is so close to all of our hearts personally.

Mylo continues to grow, both in height and personality! He is SUCH a chatterbox, narrating every detail of our lives. I need to start writing down some of the hilarious things that he says so that we have a record. He is a sweet, spirited, hungry little guy who keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh and smile every day. He LOVED Halloween this year and is obsessed with pumpkins so naturally we dressed him up as a plump one for his costume.

We have more to catch up on but since we are back up and blogging those can be full posts after Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Turkey Day! Jenny and I are making pies today, like we do.

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