Packing For Our Big Trip

A couple of months ago Jenny posted her airplane essentials and now I'm going to hop on board with what I packed for our trip our recent trip to Argentina. Over the years I've learned that I don't like lugging around a huge suitcase and have gotten pretty good at packing light. For our 10 day trip in February both Patrick and I decided not to check bags since we had two layovers and were switching airlines along the way. Since we were heading on a city-focused vacation I figured I could just shop for anything that I forgot or didn't think to pack.

I brought mostly sample-sized versions of my beauty products that I was able to toss out and make room for treasures we picked up on our trip. Disclaimer: It is MUCH easier to pack light when going to a warm location! I brought only one pair of pants, one pair of leggings and one sweater (that I wore pretty much every night) and the rest was sun dresses, shorts/skirts, and light weight tops. I packed a pair of Converse, Birkenstocks, and gladiator sandals, which was the perfect amount of shoe options. Also, I’m obsessed with these bra’s (which I also wore all through pregnancy and breastfeeding) and wore my hat from Target pretty much every day. Since we stayed in three different hotels and took a domestic flight while we were there I was so glad to have just my small bag to carry around. It was a challenge to fit everything on our way home but we sacrificed a couple of books we’d already read and managed to squeeze it all in.

What are your packing tricks?? Jenny, would love to hear yours!

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