My Cooking Secret - Wei Shallot Oil

I haven't had it in me lately to cook anything fancy. Mostly we've been eating some sort of baked or steamed veggies, chicken, and rice or bread. BUT my favorite flavor booster for otherwise boring meals lately is this amazing Shallot Oil that I use on everything from chicken to brussels sprouts. Shallot oil is a staple in Vietnamese cuisine but it's so versatile it tastes great on almost everything. They sell it in big sizes or conveniently wrapped gift packages, perfect for a hostess gift.

And bonus, it's made by a cute couple from Seattle! Love it!


  1. Interesting, I've never heard of it, but always up for an easy way to add flavor. I usually just add cumin but I'm sure my cooking could use a little variety.

  2. Just emailed this post to the Wei kitchen people asking if it is sold in Tacoma or Gig Harbor. I now see from their site it is not, but if they send you something free for the support you'll know why. Happy almost Friday, Teresa! Miles is so cute.

  3. Thanks Sylvia for asking! And so wonderful to find this post! Like Michelle said, shallot oil isn't something that has been sold in stores before - it's been more of a Vietnamese grandmother's secret until now :). All the more reason why we need to get the word out! Thanks for the post!!!