Buenos Aires: Palermo

We’ve been home for a month and I’m finally finishing my last post about our Argentina trip! The other two are here if you’re interested.

We spent the final third of our trip in the upscale, trendy neighborhood of Palermo in Buenos Aires. I booked our two boutique hotels in Buenos Aires through Tablet Hotels and they were both fabulous. L’Hotel Palermo is a lovely little antiquey spot with a gorgeous green courtyard right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Palermo. It was the perfect place to come back and relax after days spent meandering the restaurant and shop filled streets of Palermo. We spent most of our time there just walking or biking from bookshop to café to restaurant exploring, eating and shopping. It was wonderful. 
Now that we have Mylo, it was such a luxury to be able to just wander around the city with no agenda or plan and enjoy a cup of tea, newspaper, book, window shopping, etc. I love my child but it was such a treat to get a break from toddler time all the time. 
We ventured to the downtown area one day and were able to join a group called the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo who have been organizing and marching in the plaza every Thursday since the late 70's/early 80's when their children disappeared during the "dirty war" in Argentina. We also walked up to Recoleta to see the incredible above-ground cemetery where Eva Peron is buried -- I've never seen anything like it. 

We splurged one evening and bought tickets to see a tango show at the Cafe Los Angelitos. The show was incredible with 10 dancers and a live band plus unlimited vino. :)
One of my favorite parts of Palermo was that you could just wander around and find yourself entering these gorgeous courtyards with cafes, shops, florists, bookstores, and bakeries. The one above was called Pehache and had a cafe and shop together. 
We had tons of great food in Buenos Aires, on our last night we went to Don Julio's which is famous for their steak and red wine. It was a great way to cap off the trip. That's the whole travel log! It was an incredible trip, I can't wait to go back to Argentina!


  1. What a wonderful travelogue of your fabulous trip! Have you missed your calling, travel and blog about it? Loved your cute dresses. Heard back from Wei Kitchen and they've sent samples to Harbor Greens and suggested I go in to ask for their products. Also the new Whole Foods in University Place (Tacoma) opening in May will carry their goods. You eat like we do, plain, so to change up the oil and vinegar would be great. Thanks for interesting, useful blogs, Writer Girl!