Happy New Year!

Just consider the above photo a Christmas card from Jason and me. As much as I love getting mail, I'm not very good at sending it. But alas, that was last year. This is a new year and this year, I'm getting things done. 

In the life of Jenny, 2015 will henceforth be known as "The Year of Getting Shit Done".

Sorry if you're offended by my choice of words, but that's exactly what randomly popped into my head while I was sitting in traffic and pondering life last week. It's my mantra for the year.

And after that, I'm afraid it gets pretty boring, the "shit" you see, that I have to get done, is all of the terribly boring things I've been putting off FOREVER, like picking a new health insurance plan and well, I probably already lost you.

But really, I'm dedicating this year to DOING things, rather than just putting them on a list and stressing out about them for months. And I've definitely started the year off with a bang. Here are a few of the slightly more interesting things I've already dove into:

-I've committed to working out daily for the month. Trying out Beachbody, I'll let you know how it goes...
-Home reorganization! While discovering mold in our basement bathroom sort of forced us into a bathroom overhaul, I'm choosing to make the best of it and turning it into a reason to reorganize our entire house. No room will be the same when I'm done!

Overall, the purpose of DOING things is to be done with them. So this year is really about a change in my mind more than a change in towel racks. I want to get through the shit instead of stressing out about it and ultimately have more time to ENJOY life. Because really, that should always be the goal. Enjoying what matters. In the last few weeks, I've been reminded that life is short, and people and things can be taken away pretty quickly. So hug someone you love and be thankful for everything that you have.

What are your goals for 2015?

PS. Incase you're curious, here were my goals for 2014. I'd say I did well on 50% of them, the list was too long, which is why I changed it up for this year. Also, I still hate flossing.


  1. If you wanna talk insurance plans I can totally help! I mean, its seriously BORING but I dealt with all the insurance benefit checks and pre-billing process at the health clinic where I worked. We can talk more about it on Thursday until we bore ourselves to death :).

    1. Yes! Please! This is perfect. Another thing I'm learning to do this year is rely on the expertise of the people around me. I would so much rather talk to you about it then spend hours googling things.