Wedding Wednesday: A Pop of Color

Just before Christmas, we shot our good friends' wedding in Jackson, Mississippi. 

One of the potential downsides to winter weddings, is lack of color for photos. No leaves, flowers, lack of sun, etc. And the couple of days before the wedding, it had been pretty gray and monotone in Jackson. So in scouting out our photo locations the day before, I was looking for color in particular. And sometimes, when you can't find it, you have to make your own. 

Thankfully my friend Rosanna, had told me to check out Thimblepress, an shop in Jackson that sells her cards and she had mentioned the amazing push-pop confetti Thimblepress makes. A quick trip into their adorable shop, and we had a fun pop (pun intended) of color for Bryan & Mallory's photos. 

If you'd like to see more of their wedding, here you go!

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