Fourteen for '14

Each year, I make a list of goals, not really resolutions, but positive changes, none the less. Here are my 14 goals for 2014...

1. Stay in touch with friends and family while out of town & be more intentional about seeing people while I'm in town. Liking their Instagram photos doesn't count.

2. Floss!

3.  Procrastinate less. No more waiting till the last minute to finish work projects.

4. Find a way to exercise while traveling & actually do it. Suggestions anyone? I'm not above doing yoga moves in airports.

5. Organize our clothes once and for all. Our bedroom is a constant disaster area.

6. Save. Buy less frivolous things that I don't need, eat out less (when possible) and actually put $ into a my savings account.

7. Drink more water. I stole this one from last year's list, trying again...

8.  Journal I just started a 5 year journal I got for my birthday, I'd love to keep it up.

9. Learn a new and useful skill. Speaking Japanese, how to sew a button, etc.

10. Take a vacation. An actual vacation, not a trip where we are working.

11.  Give more. I want to give more time & money to the causes we love and support.

12. Spend more time working on JKoe. Updating the website, fb page, etc. There are so many pretty pictures we should be sharing!

13. Keep up on current events. I was super out of it this past year.

14. Love. I'm not entirely how to explain this one, but at the end of the year, I want to look back able to say that I'm a better version of me- that I have grown, that I have more patience and that I better love people around me, even when I'm tired or hangry, that I have a better relationship with Jason, that I am wiser, less judgmental, kinder and more joyful. I don't dislike myself now, but there is always room for improvement!

How did I do with my last year's goals? 
You can read my Thirteen for '13 here. 2013 was a very crazy, unpredictably wonderful, adventurous year. I feel like I did a great job with some of the goals being thankful, riding my bike, etc. Unfortunately I didn't really have time to fulfill some of my more home oriented goals, like inviting people over for dinner or sending out a Christmas card. Oops. This year, since I already know I'll be out of town a lot, so I've stuck with goals that will hopefully better fit my year. 


  1. What a great list, here's to checking off all 14 this year!

  2. Thanks for the self-improvement inspiration, I think I'll go make my own list now!

  3. Great goals for '14! And very doable! Cheers to the New Year :)