Question Responses

Here are my responses to Jenny's questions!

What is your ideal date night? 

Gosh we have never been very creative when it comes to date nights. We both LOVE going to the movie theater so our go-to date night is dropping in a pub for a quick snack and then heading to see a movie. These days we don’t get to do this often so we are particular about what type of movie we’ll see—pretty much only something that HAS to be seen on the big screen (our favorite movies are spy/action like the Bourne series) since we watch most of our movies at home on the couch. I usually sneak some cans of champagne in my purse. 

If we are feeling fancy we might go to a concert or see a Broadway show.

What are some of your first memories of me in college? 

Man Jenny had a good response for this one! As she knows all too well, I have a TERRIBLE memory. Seriously it’s notoriously bad. We hung out last night and that’s about the only thing I remember from the past 12 years. J

Well let’s see… I never really learned to cook until after college because Jenny pretty much cooked everything for me for four years. We “shared” groceries and I’m fairly confident I owe her a few thousand dollars still. We would always be “workout” partners at the gym and mostly just sit on the mats and stretch for an hour chatting. On a regular basis we would walk the mile or so all the way down to class and then decide to go get coffee instead. Jenny is probably the fastest reader I've ever known, I was always so jealous at how quickly she could get through our required reading in college!

This is fun! I’m on deck for next week!

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  1. Yes! Walking to class, only to get sidetracked by a coffee shop instead! Forgot about that!