So, we're starting a new thing!

Did I get your attention with this wonderful old photo of T and I?  This was taken our freshman year of college, right before a formal. We'd only met a few months before. Crazy to think that was 2002!

Anyway, this new thing we're starting...

We've had a list of great questions from a reader that we've been meaning to get to for awhile (sorry Callie!) and have been trying to figure out the best way to answer them. And we realize that there are so many things from our lives that get left out of the blog. So we decided that answering some questions every week, from readers, or ones we come up with ourselves, would be a great way to share a bit more about our lives, both past and present.

This is how it'll work. Each week we will take turns asking each other questions. We'd also LOVE to have you all respond to the questions in the comments, OR feel free to ask one too!  Here's our first comes from Callie!

What is your ideal date night? 

I'm curious to hear Teresa's answer too! Jason and I have been in a bit of a rut when it comes to doing things together.

And question #2:

What are some of your first memories of me in college? 

I'm interested to hear what stuck out to Teresa from when we first met. Like I said above, we met when we moved into the same house together as freshman at the University of Washington.

For me, a few of my first memories of Teresa were her dislike for leftovers-when I had just moved in and had yet to go grocery shopping, she eagerly gave me her tandoori chicken from the night before, basically cementing a lifelong friendship. I also remember her watching Regis & Kelly every morning before class and that she had multiple pairs of the exact same Lucky jeans, and she loved Yankee Candles and The Strokes.

OK! Those are the questions I pick! We'll hear Teresa's answers later this week.


  1. You guys were in a house at UW? What house? I pledged in 2001. Such a small world!

  2. Forgot to add, I was an ADPi! We were probably neighbors :)