Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! I caught that miserable cold that is going around so I'm hunkered down with my box of Kleenex letting Mylo watch TV feeling like the best mom ever. Hope your weekend is off to a better start than mine -- if you have any good Netflix recommendations let me know!

Apparently pineapples help with a sore throat.

Made me laugh, issues with Goodnight Moon.

If you're sick like me, Amazon is streaming their hit new show Transparent for FREE all day tomorrow. It's worth binge-watching, one of my new favorites.

8 questions to ask yourself to declutter.

Funfetti buttermilk birthday cake. Need I say more?

This movie that comes out on Valentine's Day looks pretty good.

The new fast food.

Incredible Austin boat dock.

Beautiful tattooed brides.

What babies can teach us.

This made me chuckle, travel tips from celebrities.


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