Friday Roundup

Happy Friday!! I am very excited for this weekend, Patrick and I are headed to Victoria, BC (for the first time!!). It will be our first time away from Mylo together (hard to believe) and I'm so looking forward to seeing the beautiful lights and staying at this amazing hotel. Should be very festive and relaxing. If you have any tips about Victoria, send them my way!

Hope you have fun weekend plans. Here are some links to kick us off.

Why Serial is driving you crazy....or not.

Also, if Seinfeld was Serial.

Amazing map that took me down the rabbit hole. I love looking at the 1900 version.

These curated gift boxes are GORGEOUS.

ICYMI, our royals met theirs.

Festive and delicious, I might actually try this recipe!

Incredible video. 

This made me laugh. I really want a picture of Rafa in a Santa hat.

Pretty, minimal, holiday decor.

Awards season has officially begun, who got snubbed.


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